Submit your application by visiting the submit page.


Deadline for MicroCon 2027 bids: April 1, 2025.


Applications are to be submitted in English only, in Adobe PDF format, containing the following sections as a minimum:


  • The name of the applying micronation, a brief history, and current government including notable figures such as head(s) of state
  • The MicroCon year you wish to host (generally they are held in odd-numbered years such as 2017, and applications are normally submitted by start of a MicroCon to host the next one)
  • The location(s) you wish to host at (you may of course use your country name, but you should also include the macronational host city and/or nearest international airport), together with a list of nearby “points of interest” (museums, amusement parks, etc.) that may be of interest to attendees
  • The member(s) of your organizing committee with contact information (e-mail addresses, etc.)
  • An explanation of what will make your MicroCon “an event to remember” - how will it be unique, exciting, and/or different from previous events?
  • A proposed high-level schedule of events, including both official events (typically the MicroCon itself and an evening reception/dinner the same day) and optional events before and after such as tours of local attractions, sporting events, etc.
  • A proposed budget showing all anticipated revenues and expenses for all official events – you won't be held strictly to this, but the committee wants to be sure you understand the potential magnitude of the undertaking
  • A high level timeline or project plan, showing milestones in detailed planning and preparations as your MicroCon draws nearer
  • Communications plan, including promotion before the event, press coverage during the event, and post-event follow-up
  • NOTE – You are responsible for any contracts you negotiate associated with the MicroCon you are hosting. MicroConCom accepts no legal responsibility for any activities, actions, or commitments made by you in the name of MicroCon.



All applications will be considered by the MicroCon Committee. If there are several potential candidate nations that show promise, the MicroCon Committee may, at its sole discretion, ask each candidate nation to submit additional details or even attend a phone call with the committee to clarify points about the application and answer further questions.


Applications will be scored on the following five factors (all weighted equally):

  • Completeness of submission
  • Creativity and “vision” of proposal
  • Uniqueness and attractiveness of hosting geographical location
  • Viability of submission
  • Style (spelling, grammar, etc.)


Your application should also address the following risks/concerns:

  1. Agreeing to host a MicroCon is a commitment to the micronational community as a whole; how can you demonstrate to the MicroConCom members the sustainability of your application?
  2. Are you prepared to incur financial expenses that may be required per the submitted budget? What happens if the revenues fall short (due to lower-than-expected turnout, for example)?
  3. What if the hosting area is affected by civil disturbance, natural disaster, pandemic, etc.? Is there a fallback location?
  4. Legal liability in the event of an accident or incident involving any MicroCon guest.


Hint: Generally, you want your application to be as prepared and polished as possible. Have a friend (or several friends) go through it for spelling, grammar, content, etc.


All members of the MicroCon Committee will independently judge each submission, and scores from each MicroCon Committee member will be aggregated to determine the top competitor(s). Applicants will not be informed of their scores or where they placed in ranking (other than the winner), but the MicroCon Committee may provide feedback on the submission in order to better assist an applicant if they choose to resubmit later. The winner, once selected, will be formally announced at the end of the preceding MicroCon; the winning nation will be invited to present a talk / pitch to the attending delegates, explaining to them when and where the next MicroCon will be held and inviting them to attend. The winning micronation is expected to periodically notify the MicroConCom members how planning is progressing during the two-year period between MicroCons. Initially this can be every few months, but it is expected that progress reports will be submitted more frequently as the date of the event nears.